Best Water Boilers for Tea [Comparison]

If you’d like hot water in an instant and would like to serve multiple cups of tea over several hours, then you need an electric hot water boiler.

Unlike electric kettles, an electric water boiler and warmer can both heat your water quickly and KEEP it warm at your preset temperature for several hours, saving both time and energy.

If you simply need an inexpensive electric kettle for one-time use, we’ve reviewed some great options like the Hamilton Beach, Breville Electric Kettle, and the Cuisinart PerfectTemp. However, for tea, coffee, noodle, baby bottle, and even oatmeal lovers who need on-demand hot water for extended periods of time, read on:

In a nutshell, water boilers differ in terms of their capacity i.e. you’d like to serve multiple cups throughout the day, temperature settings, design, and durability and we have in-depth reviews of several models.

Secura Stainless Steel Electric Water Boiler and Warmer

secura hybrid water boiler and warmer large

The Secura electric water boiler features a blue night light, which comes in handy. It comes equipped with 4 different temperature settings that can easily be adjusted for making different types of tea (white, green, black, oolong, etc…), and the micro temperature control system will keep your water warm at your desired temperature.

It has storage for 4 quarts that can easily be seen via the water level gauge, and a non-stick internal container that makes for easy cleaning. It also comes with a magnetic power cord, steam ventilation, a removable lid, and a dispenser lock.

The bottom line, the Secura water boiler provides a lot of bang for your buck.

Zojirushi CV-DCC40XT Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer, 4-Liter, Stainless Dark Brown

zojirushi 586361-CV-DCC40XT America Corporation
Amazon’s Choice

The Zojirushi Water Boiler and Warmer is probably the best big electric water boiler and warmer you can buy. It has all the features and capacity one could ask for. But it may be a bit more than you need if you’re just looking to make a cup or two of tea.

The Zojirushi comes with multiple computerized temperature settings – 160⁰F, 175⁰F, 195⁰F, and 205⁰F. It also comes with a one-touch dispensing system and has descaling and dechlorination modes for cleaning.

You can program the device to warm your water at a later time with its LED display and it’s equipped with an auto shut-off feature for safety as well as notifications for when boiling is complete or when water levels get too low.

One of the distinguishing features of the Zojirushi water warmers is that they can heat the water directly to your desired temperature setting without having to first reach the boiling temperature.

This significantly reduces heating time as this water boiler is the most energy-efficient amongst its competitors.

Tiger PDU-A50U-K Electric Water Boiler and Warmer, Stainless Black, 5.0-Liter

Tiger PDU-A50U-K Electric Water Boiler and Warmer

The Tiger PDU Water Boiler has a really nice display that allows for one to adjust the temperature to 4 desired temperature settings when initially heating water, as well as keeping your water warm at the desired temperature: 208°F /194°F / 176°F / 158°F.

Perfect for making different types of tea. The display also allows for two different sleep timer settings – 6 and 9 hours.

It features an auto shut-off safety feature, a removable lid for easy cleaning, and a non-stick inner coated pot. It’s also energy-efficient and comes with dechlorination mode as well.

Tiger PVW-B30U Electric Water Dispenser 3-Liter Review

tiger pvw-b3OU electric water dispenser

This Tiger PVW B3OU water heater has a capacity of 3 liters that is sufficient for multiple teapots. Personally, we feel that the Tiger PDU or Zojirushi is a better value. However, this Tiger model features a two-way style hot water dispensing system – both electric and via an air pump method, which works without the use of electricity, potentially reducing your utility bill so some users opt for this model.

It also comes with dual-energy saving modes: Energy Saving mode and VE Mode, which shuts down the heater automatically after 2 hours of non-use after the water has been boiled.

Lastly, it comes with a micro computerized temperature control system that can help heat water to the desired temperature with ease – 176⁰F, 194⁰F, and 208⁰F.

Rosewill R-HAP-16002 Electric 4 L Hot Water Dispenser

rosewill hap water boiler and warmer

The Rosewill Electric Water Heater has an ample capacity of 4 liters and features 3 different temperature settings. Like the Secura, the water dispenser also features a night light indication function but doesn’t have any notifications or audible indicators.

It has an auto-electric pump lock, bottom heater, and double dry-boiled protection design. It doesn’t have a cleaning mode but you can clean the unit with a citric acid solution.

We’re torn because we’ve never tried this model and although it’s an “Amazon’s choice,” it only has 3.5 stars from nearly 700 reviewers.

Panasonic NC-EH30PC Water Boiler 3.2-Quart Review

panasonic water boiler

The Panasonic NC-EH30PC Water Boiler 3.2-Quart actually features 5 different temperature settings: 140⁰F, 180⁰F, 190⁰F, 208⁰F, and 212⁰F. The low setting is ideal for baby bottles.

For additional safety purposes, the boiler is equipped with a locking lid to prevent accidental spills. If the water level gets too low, the device will shut down automatically but there aren’t any audible notifications unfortunately

It also has a water-level gauge, LED control panel lights, a (non-audible) low-level water warning, a non-stick coated internal chamber, and an over-heating protection mode.

Our Take:

If it’s within your budget, get the Zojirushi Water Boiler, it’s widely regarded as the best water boiler in the market. For value, however, the Secura Electric Water Boiler is an excellent choice as well.

Why Use a Water Boiler and Warmer

To save time, energy, and efficiency. Water boilers are ideal for keeping your water warm over several hours.

It’s a convenient way to get instant hot water on demand without having to go through the hassle of heating up water time and time again on the stove.

You could still technically use a microwave but your water won’t be heated evenly and consistently, you’ll have no way of easily gauging its temperature, and you’ll have to keep reheating your water over and over.

What is the ideal water kettle?

As with many things, it depends. Do you need a large capacity because the water heater may be used for commercial use or for several people in the household? Well, then you’re better off with at least a 4 or 5L model. If not, then you can probably get away with a smaller 3L model or even an electric kettle.

What Material is Best?

The most common material is plastic. Pretty much all manufacturers have taken great care to ensure their electric kettles and water boilers are BPA-free and that their plastic won’t leave a fishy smell on the water heater, but there are still many people who won’t touch anything besides a model made of stainless steel.

Kettles are a bit different as there are many excellent glass kettle models in addition to stainless steel versions.

What Features Should You Look For?

The models we’ve listed above are all high quality and come with some basics like Auto Shut Off, LCD displays, adjustable temperature settings, and detachable cords in some cases.

The real differentiators are longevity, customer service, and durability. While there are several quality electric kettle brands, for water boilers, only a few names like Tiger and Zojirushi have stood the test of time.

Temperature Guide for Tea

Did you know that different types of tea taste better at certain temperatures? A good water boiler or electric kettle can easily be programmed to heat your water to your desired temperature.

Here’s a quick guide to the different temperatures that are best for a variety of teas:

  • White Tea – 149-158F.
  • Yellow Tea – 159-167F.
  • Green Tea – 167-176F
  • Oolong Tea – 176-185F
  • Black Tea – 210F
  • Boiling water – 210 degrees can also be used for instant food that requires hot water, such as noodles, oatmeal or to boil vegetables in a timely manner.

At the end of the day, it’s a matter of personal preference and these measurements are merely guidelines.