Chronomite SR-30L/ HTR120 review


Chronomite Laboratories Inc. is a renowned supplier of tankless plumbing solutions for both commercial as well as industrial requirements. Chronomite SR-30L/120 Tankless Water Heater is an appropriate alternative to all large tank-style water heaters which often lead to hassles. In comparison, Chronomite’s compact tankless water heater system provides hot water efficiently and quickly in a trouble-free manner.

Chronomite SR 30L 120 Tankless Water Heater review

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Efficient and Quick

The quality of any good instant water heater is that it should be efficient as well as quick in providing water at the required temperature. Both these traits are possessed by Chronomite SR-30L/120 Tankless Water Heater. It is capable of delivering heated up water in only two seconds with its 0.5 GPM rate of flow. As a result, considerable wastage is prevented which often occurs in the case of other types of water heaters if the hot water delivery time is greater. In this way, Chronomite SR-30L/120 turns out to be efficient as it saves important resources – energy and water. As claimed by the manufacturers, the product is ninety-eight percent energy efficient. The instant supply also ensures less wastage of time for individuals as you do not have to wait for minutes before the chilly water starts turning desirably hot. Instead, it is only a matter of seconds.

Compact Design

One significant reason why most people turn to tankless water heater systems is because of their compact design. Chronomite’s SR-30L/120 model measures 9.6 by 2.8 by 6.2 inches and weighs only six pounds. This small sized water heater can conveniently be installed anywhere as it does not take up much space. It can be mounted at any corner in the bathroom or the kitchen for the instant supply of hot water. The installation can be at any height in order to maintain accessibility for children as well as individuals on wheelchairs. Under-sink installation is also possible so that the water heater does not interfere with the surrounding décor.

Installation Requirements of Chronomite SR-30L/ HTR120.

Users can spare themselves the trouble of using expensive pipes or valves which are required for regular water heaters. All that is required for SR-30L/120 Tankless Water Heater is a water line as well as electricity connection in order to carry out its water heating operation. In addition, the package includes cast aluminum housing which is vandal resistant. It is accompanied by mounting brackets which are an essential component of the product to help with the most reliable installation. The minimum installation requirements save both time as well as money for the users.

Smooth Flow of Water

Any particles found in water can hinder a smooth flow through the heater. Pipes in conventional water heaters are often blocked owing to alkali calcification. However, in the case of Chronomite SR-30L/120, users do not have to face this issue. This is because of the self-cleaning system of the product. In addition, it makes use of the abrasive action of water in order to get rid of alkali calcification. As a result, a smooth flow of water is maintained even after a long time of frequent usage. This innovative self-cleaning system also minimizes regular maintenance requirements which take up time and are often costly.


The compact design and convenient use of the product makes it considerably versatile. It turns out to be the perfect tankless water heating solution not only for homes but also for a wide range of other locations. These include private as well as public bathrooms. In addition, Chronomite SR-30L/120 Tankless Water Heater can also be used to supply hot water for kitchen sinks, dishwashers, service sinks and washing machines.

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