Eemax EMT2.5 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank review


Eemax EMT2.5 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank is a compact water heater. It is perfect for fulfilling low-demand hot water requirements in bathrooms as well as kitchens. Users who are looking for easy installation can opt for this model as it eliminates the need for pumps or recirculating lines like in the case of many other conventional water heaters. Overall, this mini-tank water heater by Eemax is an energy efficient solution for domestic use.


Functionality Eemax EMT2.5 2.5

Eemax EMT2.5 runs on electricity in order to heat up the required water. The total capacity of this model is 2.5 gallons. The appliance stores, heats up and delivers the hot water at the point of use. It is, therefore, perfect for undersink installation. The following primary components assist the functionality of the mini-tank water heater.

  • Heating Element Eemax EMT2.5 2.5

The water heater utilizes electricity efficiently and safely. There are no emissions of carbon monoxide. Therefore, there are no health dangers. In addition, the requirement for venting is also eliminated which saves users from a great deal of installation hassles. However, a regular 110 Volts electricity outlet is required. The appliance consists of 1440 Watts heating element for heating up 2.5 gallons of water. When it is turned on through the on/off switch, the heating unit consumes 12 Amperes of current in order to carry out this job.

  • Thermostat

The temperature of the heating unit can be regulated between 50 degrees F and 140 degrees F. This is carried out with the help of an adjustable thermostat which can be controlled through a knob. Turning it in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction helps users increase or decrease the temperature according to their preferences and requirements. Once this adjustment has been made, the thermostat controls and maintains the temperature automatically.

  • High-limit Temperature Switch

This is an admirable safety feature found in the Eemax EMT2.5 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank. The function of this switch is to prevent overheating of the appliance. The unit is turned off automatically in case the temperature overshoots to 190 degrees F. This can occur if the thermostat fails to function. Therefore, the high-limit temperature switch serves as a safety backup for such situations.

  • Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve

The unit operates at a maximum temperature of 150 PSI. In case of a higher pressure build-up, there is danger of explosion. In this case, the temperature/pressure relief valve functions as another safety feature which releases any high pressure build-ups.


The 2.5 Gallon Eemax EMT mini-tank water heater offers usability in the following ways.

  • It provides hot water for washing dishes in the kitchen.
  • Since it is designed for low-demand applications, it is not appropriate for providing hot water for a shower. However, it is perfectly suitable for delivery water to the sink for washing purposes.
  • The appliance can be installed in bathrooms which are away from the central water heating system in homes.

Installation of Eemax EMT2.5 2.5

The water heater measures 14.5 inches in height, 11.75 inches in width and around 10 inches in depth. With these measurements, the appliance offers a compact design for convenient installation. It is particularly useful for location where only a limited space is available. In addition, at only 20 pounds, it is a light weighted heater which can easily be mounted at a wall. Mounting brackets are included with the product to help users install it safely.


Wherever water and metal are involved, there is always inevitable rusting. This corrodes substances gradually causing unavoidable damage and decreasing durability. However, in the case of Eemax EMT2.5 Electric Mini-Tank, there is an aluminum anode rode which prevents the process of rusting. Aluminum is commonly used for this purpose in many appliances along with magnesium. However, the corroding rate of aluminum is slower than magnesium which leads to longer durability. In addition, it is also less costly which prevents the overall price of the product from shooting out of reach of average users.


This water heater by Eemax is an efficient appliance. Through undersink installation, it is able to deliver hot water instantly. This means users do not have to let the water keep running in order to wait for hot water. This prevents a considerably large amount of water wastage and cuts down water bills as well. In addition, the mini tank water heater features 99% thermal efficiency. As a result, electricity wastage is also cut down with a reduction in power bills.

The Bottom Line of Eemax EMT2.5 2.5

Eemax EMT2.5 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank offers durability as well as safety options in addition to an efficient use of power. It is, therefore, the most suitable option for low-demand domestic applications.

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