Eemax EX95 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review


Eemax EX95 Electric Tankless Water Heater review operates through flow controlled function. Eemax has introduced a number of water heating models which work through various mechanisms. Broadly speaking, there are three different classifications – thermostatic models, deionized models, and flow controlled models. The thermostatic models provide hot water instantly and use their thermostatic function make efficient use of power. Similarly, the deionized models work on the same principle with the added function of deionizing purified water to prevent contamination with unwanted elements. On the other hand, flow controlled models, like Eemax EX95, do not use thermostatic function. Instead, water is heated up as it passes through the heater via the inlet in order to deliver hot water instantly. The following review provides more information about this model.Eemax EX95 Electric Tankless Water Heater review

Functionality of Eemax EX95

This water heater has been designed to supply on-demand hot water. This means the heated up water is delivered instantly without having to wait. It is suitable for average domestic use. The appliance is capable of heating up cold water up to a maximum temperature of 140 F which is appropriate for showers in the bathroom as well as washing dishes in the kitchen. The water heater connected to a water inlet which supplies it with cold water. At the other end, it is connected to a faucet or tap through which the heated up water is delivered. The cold water passes through the heating chamber of the appliance at a flow rate of 3/4 GPM – the minimum rate required for bringing the heating mechanism into action. This activates the heater’s internal flow switch which turns on the appliance electrically. It requires 240 Volts of electricity for its 9.5 kilowatts heating element. In addition, the maximum operating pressure is 25 PSI per minute.

Hot Water Supply

The hot water supply through Eemax EX95 Electric Water Heater is instant as well as continuous. The heating chamber remains activated as long as water through the inlet keeps flowing through it. When this supply stops by turning off the tap, the appliance is also turned off and stops further heating.  As soon as the tap is turned back on, the water heater starts operating again to deliver hot water. Therefore, the supply of heated up water is uninterrupted. This is the perfect solution for getting warmed up water during the winters in the bathroom or the kitchen. You do not have to worry about running out of hot water even if you have a large family with a considerably high usage of hot water.


Eemax water heater EX95 prevents wastage in several ways. Firstly, it makes efficient use of power as the appliance operates only when cold water passes through it by means of the inlet. It is only then that the water heater uses electricity. It stops operating as soon as the supply of inlet water is cut off. This is accomplished through the inbuilt flow switch. In this way, energy wastage is prevented. At the same time, the tankless water heater also prevents the wastage of water through on-demand instant supply. The tap does not have to be kept running in order to wait for the cold water to turn warm enough for use. Overall, the appliance features a 99% energy efficiency rating.

Installation Requirements of Eemax EX95

Measuring 3.5 pounds in weight, the water heater is light as feather. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for mounting on a wall. In addition, an extremely compact body – measuring only 3 by 10.8 by 5.2 inches – makes it an excellent solution for limited spaces. However, it is recommended to install the water heater as close to the faucet as possible for the best results. It is also designed for undersink installation so that water can be delivered within an insant.

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